Sunday, October 16, 2011


16 October 2011

Dear Ms W,
I stumbled into this e mail of yours only today !
Yes, more than 1 year later....
I'm hoping to clean up my act a bit (which includes spring cleaning my e mails)... the energy is there & I'm about 90% back to my normal self, I think.
Anyway, TQ for dropping me a note !


Salam hormat,

*when life gives you lemon... make lemonade*

Quoting fw on Fri, 26 Mar 2010 02:40:22 -0700 (PDT):

Dear Dr D,

I happen to stumble upon your blog When life gives you lemon...make lemonade: Bell's
palsy( while i was searching for latest information on the 15th ICOT in Belfast.

I love what you have been doing with your research on neurobiology. I'm also very much interested in that aspect to pair them with many other leads especially in education and handedness. But only as a hobby and quest for knowledge and deeper understanding of that 3 pounds mass of neurons inside us. Looking forward to see more new and exciting posts from you.

Have a low "cortisol" weekend :)


Ms W

Saturday, May 28, 2011

It has been 2 years

28 May 2011

Alhamdulillah, 23 May 2011 (Monday), early this week marked the 2nd year of my life as someone who have experienced:
- a full blown Bell's Palsy on my right side of face
- the side effects of the overdose of steroid which was supposed to handle the inflammation of the Bell's Palsy

If I take a moment & go over events... it has actually been a looong 2 years but, InsyaAllah, I think the one single factor that enabled me to go through it all is my ability to be emotionally cut off above it all.

As I normally tell others:
= When life gives you lemon... make lemonade
= Quickly deal with situation then just move on.
= "Barang yang lepas jangan dikenang"

However, it is only now that I dare put up my photos (well, the least gory ones) up front for all to see.
Putting them up on the FB accounts is psychologically for me something that I need to do to deal with some of the unfinished business that still remains.
I only can put them up now since I know that currently I look rather normal (for those who don't know me they wouldn't have guess what I had gone through)... & so I will not be inviting "sympathies/ kesian/ etc"

I also want to tell others, that if I can do it... then they can also do so.
With perseverance, usaha, support & doas, anything can be achieved, InsyaAllah.
One chooses to do it OR not to do it.
Leave the self-pity, etc & all those that will pull you down behind.
I am NOT just talking about Bell's Palsy but everything else in life.

Sometimes I thought to myself, "You're acting up too well & too convincing girl. Now these people really thought that you're OK. Yes, you don't want them to sympathize your situation BUT neither do you want them to think that you're SO healthy that they can start lumping things onto you. You know that literally you feel that you can just drop dead playing I SHOULD HELP"

When I looked back... a few poignant weak moments:
= my mother, a stroke victim herself, had tears in her eyes when looking at my face a week after I had the Bell's Palsy
= fear of sleeping... for fear of not knowing what could happen while sleeping
= fell while walking near the Chemistry staircase to the parking lot just because I stumbled on a small stone
= feeling that the porch of my parking space was too far a distance to walk to
= just falling asleep on the couch while the boisterous PP family members were around me
= tears in eyes of people I know...

Anyway, life is wonderful.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

20 NOVEMBER 1988

Happy Anniversary.
Alhamdulillah, syukur for all the blessings in life.
Muga terus dirahmati dengan semua yang baik-baik untuk dunia & akhirat, InsyaAllah.

Exam - Results, Decisions Based On Results & Processing Time

Exam results of both UPSR & PSRA are out.
In dilemma again.
(Conflicting views received but mostly NOT like mine... )

Almost similar options way back in 2001 were in front of us (ME?) again.
Kisah last day in Masjid Nabawi.
With a lot of guilt, said "NO" to it then.
Almost like the same selfishness is the main basis.
I really have to ensure that she will NOT neglect her other interest.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Azira Has Bell's Palsy Syndrome, Says HTF Director

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

19 FEBRUARY 2010

Today is a special day.
My husband went to Nilai to pick up my eldest son after he finished his last paper.
Time flies.
I remembered that it was a day before he went to register for his matriculation program that I got my Bell's Palsy.
My current status:

a) Facial paralysis is hardly noticeable, except for upper right corner lip which still cannot be pulled up & my right eye which at times would not open up as big as the left side.
I really should go back to the physiotherapy and/or the acupuncture.

b) My energy level has progressively gone up but it certainly is not what it used to be.
In the morning I basically have to figure out what I would be doing for the rest of the day. Based on that I would arrange my physical activities, e.g. where I park my car.
Thursdays with lecture in the morning & a practical session in the whole afternoon will'knock me out'.
So, for the time being "NO TQ" to all those offers :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


1 Feb: First time celebrating b'day of hubby after my Bell's Palsy episode. I don't have as much energy to window-shop, etc. Told the boys they have to take care of the gifts.
When we celebrated it on Sunday (31 Jan 2010) we told him other than the card & Aiman's gift of Liverpool's mug we didn't get him anything else... too busy getting Aiman's matters settled.
Maghrib time (Ahad malam Isnin), after solat jemaah & a Yasin reading-doa since Aiman is leaving for Sek Men Sains Seremban (SASER) tomorrow we sprung the surprise of the gifts on him!
I was so sebak... but I have to be strong.
After Bell's palsy, I get worked up emotionally very-very easily & thus, my BP can easily go up unnecessarily...

2 Feb: I was up till 1 am organizing-packing Aiman's stuff. Not easy letting my baby go.
We planned to leave house at 7am... but we only managed to leave at 8.30am. Itu pun after going in & out of house a couple of times. Last one was when Aiman had to go back into the house to get his school bag!

19 Feb: Finally went to do a blood test that I should have done sometime in July 2009!
Was forced to see a doctor & after making the appointment for the review of the blood test.
The young lady doctor increased my Myarcardis to 80mg/day (up from 40mg/day) & warned me not to mix it with Atacand... as I've done in the past.
Spent the time waiting to send sms... Hmm, lead to a sahabat thinking that I was 'attacking'.


January 13: Caught a Fire Fly flight to Kota Baru for the 2nd International Conference on the Medicinal Use of Honey (Honey:Agent for Sustainable Health). The conference was held in Renaissance Hotel (13-15 Jan 2010). Ayunie picked me up from the airport & sent me to the hotel. For a teacher it is nice to realize that one's students have gone further in life.
Co-authors of posters: Aishah-Wahida & Mui Koon also attended the conference :)
Even though I went back the next day, I came out of the conference thinking to myself that maybe I should have taken honey more than what I have been doing...





Saturday, August 22, 2009

BP91: 21 OGOS 2009

It's already end of the week & I didn't achieve as much as I want to :(

Alhamdulillah that I woke up at 4am.
After performing the necessities, stayed up to prepare for the visit to SKR & UPSPD.
Strong presence of ladies in the management & I think they have 'high expectations' that I 'll be a difficult visitor.
Ha... ha... ha... MOK CIK find it difficult to muster enough energy to be in attendance... nak tanya soalan-soalan cepu emas...

Was also rushing to get Mieza's, Joan-Soke Chee's & Bibi-Md Noor's extended abstracts edited.
Gave an opportunity for the senior grad student to cancel off his appointment.
Of course he took it.
Adoi... here we go again.

Dropped Bibi off at LRT station on the way home.

Selisih with Pak Mat & reminded myself to give him tamar, etc sometime next week.
Then, selisih with a silver Mercedes that flashed at me. Sorrylah Boss if I got into your lane.
I'm actually functioning with only my left eye!
Hope I can take time to the eye institute next week with Durrah & Aiman so that all of us could check our eyes. I also have my follow up with Dr Linda.

When I arrived home, Aiman rushed out to tell me that I just missed my anak susu (Hanan) with her parents. OOOooo, it was them flashing "HI-HELLO-ASSALAMUALAIKUM..." just now!

Kak Ha was at the table with T.Mak. Her left eye was covered with a see through plastic cover. She had a surgery to remove cataract & put in lens (???)

BP90: 20 OGOS 2009

Amzari would be doing his candidature defence in IPS.
I was quite certain he would get through but I wished that he put in more effort.
He rehearsed & the group gave our input on Tuesday morning.

Took a ride from Mui Koon. Got to sit in front while the other 4 girls had to squeeze at the back.
One of the various perks of being a supervisor!

I had prepared Amzari mentally just in case he got 'difficult personalities grilling him'.
Well, instead of that happening... I was the one in position to do what I feared for Amzari.

BP89 : 19 OGOS 2009 - RABU

Took leave with the intention of sending Pak Pozi to KLIA. He's going for umrah with Pak Umar.
We are all so happy for him.
We also feel envious that he gets to spend a part of Ramadhan in Mekah!
Lucky guy!

Due to the some technicalities... I didn't go. Instead stayed home & do some work at home in the morning.

Went to treat ourselves at TS with Saadah.
Head-shoulder massage.
Then, we joined the very small group being tutored by ProfH on e-learning/moodle.
A long way before I could master the whole thing.

Not that I want it to be a doa... but I think I became slow a bit after the Bell's Palsy episode... most likely due to prednisolone :(

BP88 : 18 OGOS 2009 - SELASA

Monday, August 17, 2009

BP87 - 17 OGOS 2009 : ISNIN

MONDAY... yet, no class. Yeay!
Today is the 1st day of the semester break.
I have been having class everyday. In addition, on Thursdays & Fridays there are also practical sessions in the afternoon!
Even in those days when my body system was normal... those 2 days are tiring days! What more now!
Alhamdulillah, I'm getting stronger by the day... but rather slowly & some days are still rather bad.
In additional to the "can't do much at home now", my feet will bengkak at the end of each day, more so on Thursdays & Fridays.
The doctors said that I don't have to worry about it... it's the effect of prednisolone.
So, now almost everything that is not normal with myself is either due to the side effect of prednisolone and/or my body is still adjusting to the prednisolone slowly going out of my body.
Hmmm... ye ke?

This morning (straight after sending Durrah to her sekolah ugama) was the first time I drove myself to UMMC & parked at the scary parking place.
Since I didn't have to rush back for class, I thought I should use the opportunity to get back my confidence.
Since last night I was deliberating whether to drive my small BFX or the big NAZA.
I went with NAZA because I felt more confident driving it.
I need everything to boost my confidence level.
If a person can survive this parking place, I think it's quite OK to give him/her a driving license without taking a driving test!
He.. he... he... marah pulak orang baca ni!
I had to go through the 'harrowing tunnels of each level to reach the 4th floor where I finallty found a spot.
I went out of the car & walked rather unsteadily to the Physiotherapy Unit.
Part of me felt like I just want to drop & lie down for a while.

I realized that my appointment was actually for 3pm but I was hoping that I would be given a chance to do the session in the morning.
Yes, they allowed me BUT of course with the warning that I should't do it in the future :)
This time the focus was on my upper & lower lips.

When I was done I went up to the clinic area that would be occupied by MediNeuro on Tuesday morning & Friday afternoon.
I had missed the appointment on 31 July (Friday) due to my Neuro practical session. The lady at the *JANJITEMU counter gave me 1 September 2009! Lamanya lagi!
(*"JANJITEMU" was being used rather than "temujanji", the term that was often used. But, if you think about it... probably "JANJITEMU" is correct. One has to berjanji before bertemu seperti yang dijanjikan))

The whole time I was in UMMC, the group was hard at work doing gotong royong. We had 2 additional members -- Amiruddin & Khairuddin.

Actually, for quite sometime I've felt very disturbed with the environment in the room... so crammed & cluttered!
However, when I came to the office with KFC lunch (as I had promised them), the room looked so nice ;)
Now, to make them maintain the place as is... Not too tough a job, I hope.
I even got them to help re-arranged the small room.

Oh yes, apart from being happy in seeing the place turned so cheery, I was scared to see the few full plastic bags put outside the door...
Aiyaa... did they throw away a lot of stuff with sentimental values to ME?
You can't win them all!

While I re-arranged my stuff a bit, I did find a box which MdNoor had refer to "Kotak Penuh Memori".
Indeed, he's right. I asked him to take a picture of it. He took 5!!

It was a box used by my PhD supervisor to send me a book WAY after I had left NEOUCOM.
He took his time in expressing his happiness that I completed my studies... probably due to the fact that I left WITHOUT his blessings, i.e. he wanted me to do post-docs & still be in charge of the lab (as I did for many years).

My flight was on 31st August & on 30th August, I still found a note with "CANCEL YOUR FLIGHT" on my office door.
Where did he think I was going? New York? Miami? San Francisco?
For goodness sake, I had even received my deposit back from my landlord!

It was really unfortunate that the end part of my full of happy memories study-stay in Rootstown was a very-very-very unhappy occasion :(
Everyone, in that small-one hallway department, was somewhat involved in my predicament.
Pascal & wife were kind enough to put me up for a night before my flight & they also drove me to the airport.

Of course anyone would be sad to leave a place where one spent so much of one's time & matured to adulthood in one's thinking, etc.
BUT, I was doing it with so much sadness & anger that I was put in a situation not to be able to enjoy saying my goodbyes.

Oh well... live & learn.


BP86 - 16 OGOS 2009 : AHAD

BP85 - 15 OGOS 2009 : SABTU

BP84 - 14 OGOS 2009 : JUMAAT

BP83 - 13 OGOS 2009 : KHAMIS

BP82 - 12 OGOS 2009 : RABU

BP81 - 11 OGOS 2009 : SELASA

Today was the 2nd day of the yearly convocation.
Chose today to attend it; Adli Isa's grandfather was to be honoured as Prof. Emeritus.

While getting ready for the perarakan event I met a couple of colleagues who've heard about my Bell's Palsy episode.
So, spent sometime explaining to people about it.
It was rather fun to hear DrR telling me her reaction when she heard that I was to visit her PTj (actually later in the afternoon).
Of course my Sungkai buddy, happily laughed away when I told her my 'hyper-self' during 50mg daily of prednisolone days -- red sandals & handbags !!!

All the while deep down I was hoping & praying that I would not embarassed myself, e.g. falling off while walking in or while sitting up there on the stage.
Alhamdulillah, I didn't do any of that.

Adli Isa's grandpa gave a good speech, especially the part about Kassim Selamat :)

The speech introducing him wasn't too bad. Three pantuns in the speech:

Bicara sopan amalan harian,
Berseri menawan kawan dan lawan,
Usaha digandakan kecemerlangan diharapkan,
Demi memastikan peningkatan berterusan

Durian rambutan buahan tempatan
Rasanya menawan hati perasaan
Kemudahan ditingkatkan keselesaan diutamakan
Intipati kecemerlangan fakulti bimbingan

Bumi Kenyalang kampong halaman
Dari Bintulu merantau ke Miri
Menyinar cahaya membawa harapan
Khidmat cemerlang menyuntik inspirasi


BP80 - 10 OGOS 2009 : ISNIN

BP79 - 09 OGOS 2009 : AHAD

'Chaperoned' Amzar to a class of 97 kindergarten reunion!
3 boys & 6 girls came.
There were more mothers at the event.
Found out that Wan's younger sister was actually from the same year!

BP78 - 08 OGOS 2009 : SABTU

We went to watch latest Harry Potter movie at Mid-Valley Mega Mall.
It reminded me of 2 things:

1) My win in 2007 as one of the 2 grand-winners of Harry Potter Competition organized by Popular Book Store.
It was a paid trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Of course everyone was excited to follow me... so it ended up as "BUY 4 & GET 1 FREE".
It was a very good experience for the kids.

2) The last time we went out & saw a movie was the night before I the Bell's Palsy expressed itself, i.e. on 22 May!
So I guessed, it came as no surprise that I felt nervous to sleep!


BP77 - 07 OGOS 2009 : JUMAAT

BP76 - 06 OGOS 2009 : KHAMIS

BP75 - 05 OGOS 2009 : RABU

BP74 - 04 OGOS 2009 : SELASA

BP73 - 03 OGOS 2009 : ISNIN

BP72 - 02 OGOS 2009 : AHAD

BP71 - 01 OGOS 2009 : SABTU

BP70 - 31 JULAI 2009 : JUMAAT

BP69 - 30 JULAI 2009 : KHAMIS

BP68 - 29 JULAI 2009 : RABU

BP67 - 28 JULAI 2009 : SELASA

BP66 - 27 JULAI 2009 : ISNIN

Sunday, July 26, 2009

BP65 - 26 JULAI 2009 : AHAD

The rain started early in the morning. I thought, "Hey... today would be a good day to buy 'the hard to get because the line's too long' Section 14 lontong! People would be too lazy to go out in the rain!"

I was no. 3 in the queue. I could have been no. 2 or no. 1, but I went first to buy Metro Ahad thinking that I would need something to pass the time.

When life gives you lemons... make lemonade!

I managed to do work... fighting off sleep most of the time but I succeed! I must be getting better, Alhamdulillah :)

Haris (son in law of Ibu Noraini, sister of Paman Salleh) called informing that he would be in UPM till Wednesday. He called from KLCC but he didn't know the program scheduled for him & 39 others who came along with him.

I thought of going to KLCC by LRT after 'Asr. He was supposed to call back so that arrangements could be made. Well, I fell asleep on the floor till 6.30pm while reading through Khairuddin's proposal! Zzz...

Osh-Azmi & kids dropped in on way back to Ipoh, after visiting Hanan. Then, Una-Mat & Syabil @ Uncle Pet (who'll be turning 4 years old next month!) came. Una's BP was pretty high (160/100). However, her pulse is low <70... that helps!

BP64 - 25 JULAI 2009 : SABTU

Went to TS hospital with Suami. I think the doctor could tell I was feeling tired & weak. I got 5 needles this time on my head & Suami said I was snoring away during the 20 minutes session.

After the session, we picked up Aiman to bring him to see Dr. Selva @ Bangsar. He was having fever... not surprising. Most likely, he got it from Amzar!

Dr Selve saw me for the first time since I got Bell's Palsy. Straight away he asked me, "Why is your face all puffed up?" So, told him what happened & he basically confirmed every bad thing prednisolone could do to a person... of course the effect differs depending on the person! He also told me that it would a few months to get my system back to normal.

When I went home I googled to find out what others got to say about the phase of getting off prednisolone. Some examples:
April 5, 2007: Prednisone and withdrawal

Every week, I am supposed to go down 1 mg of prednisone. I like this therapy because I am going down slowly which my body seems to handle better, but it is bad because every week I go through withdrawal. I have heard some people (and some doctors) say that you can’t feel withdrawal from just a 1 mg decrease but I know that is not true for me. After about three to four days is when I usually will start to feel it. It seems like I have a harder time processing information and making sense of things. I have learned that I need to be more organized during these times because I am not able to do my typical five tasks at the same time routine. I have to focus on only one task at a time and make sure I outline what steps I have to do to complete them. I also become easily irritated and many times pick fights with my husband (mostly because I become a little irrational and obsessed).

Sometimes I make it through the withdrawal without noticing, but most of the time I feel it. I have also been having a lot of pain in my arms and in my body around the time that I decrease my prednisone. My rheumatologist says that it is from the decrease in the prednisone.

I have learned to warn my husband when I am going down on the prednisone. He is supposed to keep this in mind when I am acting crazy or get irrationally mad at him for things that make no difference to anything. Before, when I was on a really high dosage, I was going down 5 mg at a time but not every week. I would go down, and then have to remain at that level for a few weeks until I could go down again. Now that I am going down every week, I feel that it is hard work to keep myself under control and calm because it is a few days out of every week that I have to work harder.

But I think that it is worth it because I am getting down off the steroids, and all I want is to get off of them. I know I say that in almost every blog, and it is a daily thought. One day, I will not take the blasted prednisone.

But, one day at a time!!
Or as they say in French – petit a petit (little by little –or gradually)

There are many more...
The important thing is at least I know what I'm going through is normal :)

BP63 - 24 JULAI 2009 : JUMAAT

Woke up about 5 am.
Did my solat Isya'. Alhamdulillah, still alive...

Oh no... there were so many things I thought I wanted to do for today.
I had already scheduled to meet my 8 project students, 1st year students under my wings (4 international & 3 Msians), then the 2nd year students!
There would also be practical session in the afternoon.

Adoi... belum lagi janji dengan Zulfa!

I hope she would go easy on me & understand the situation that I'm in.
Seriously, I could fall asleep while I'm sms-ing!

BP62 - 23 JULAI 2009 : KHAMIS

Lecture in the morning & practical session in the afternoon.
What a tiring day.

Accidentally went to sleep at 8pm till 5am !!

The 'herotness' of my face is almost gone but the body is feeling like a sick body!

BP61 - 22 JULAI 2009 : RABU

BP60 - 21 JULAI 2009 : SELASA

Saturday, July 25, 2009

BP59 - 20 JULAI 2009 : ISNIN

Treated the group to lunch at K's Restaurant. MdNoor @RA will be officially leaving the group end of this month. The other RA that went away before this was Wan Adriyani who's currently doing her PhD in UK. It was also to thank all of them for their support that was in many forms, including helping me carry my stuff up & down!!

BP58 - 19 JULAI 2009 : AHAD

BP57 - 18 JULAI 2009 : SABTU

BP56 - 17 JULAI 2009 : JUMAAT

BP55 - 16 JULAI 2009 : KHAMIS

BP54 - 15 JULAI 2009 : RABU

BP53 - 14 JULAI 2009 : SELASA

Day 2 off prednisolone.

Muga ALLAH SWT terus merahmati kehidupan dengan semua yang baik-baik untuk dunia & akhirat.
We have sort of celebrated her b'day this weekend with a carrot cake ! The cake cuting was done after the meeting about Muaz's up coming engagement with Zura (3 October 2009, InsyaAllah -- IPOH MALI)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

BP52 - 13 JULAI 2009 : ISNIN

Day 1 off prednisolonone

As usual, early in the morning Suami sent me for the facial electrotherapy @ UMMC.
Met CT Aishah but have to rush off, ie no breakfast with her. Class & all :(

I seriously am so very tired, especially by late afternoon.
Part of me felt maybe, I should just pop 1 of the blue colored prednisolone pills into my mouth!

It doesn't even give me a high... just a healthy + 'get up & go' feeling. Think of what goes on in the mind of an addict!

Had lunch with 3 of my former project students at the nearby KFC. Asked them about their Industrial Training experience & what next after B.Sc. (Science Biohealth)... very interesting, e.g one was at this place that normally gave about $300/month to a student who did 3 months of Industrial Training with them, but since this girl only did a 2 months worth of Industrial Training... she wasn't paid a single cent!! Hmm...


BP51 - 12 JULAI 2009: AHAD

Day 9 tapering off prednisolonone : 5 mg (1 pill)

I went early to my sekolah menengah gathering, since there was also the invitation of Adli Isa's 1st b'day later in the day.
Before that, managed to get T.Mak ready so that AbangEm could pick her up in his new MyVi.

Rather dissapointing because from our batch there were only Mawar, Ida & me. Of course there were others... Amy's batch turned up in full force!
Found out that Puan Arfah had Bell's Palsy twice & another teacher had it when she was small. Didn't get to talk to them too long because so many former students/teachers also wanted to say HELLO to them.
I ended up only leaving the place at 3.30pm.

Solat Zohor & we're off to the b'day party.
Well... we got lost... again. We called up Adli's father & he was kind enough to pick us up. Phew :)
We were one of the first to leave. We had to rush for solat Asar & I was also feeling very tired already.
Told Kak Erah who wanted to use the house for a PP family meeting about Muaz's engagement to take care of the food, etc.

After solat Maghrib, I slept & when I woke up... they have had their makan (Syed's beriyani Bukhari, mee goreng GI's Yasin, sate, etc) & the meeting had started (in the next house).
Looked like everything went well with Kak Erah chairing the meeting with others interrupting with serious & silly suggestions (eg having ants as the decoration for each hantaran because Naufal will do his thesis on ants!)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

BP50 - 11 JULAI 2009 : SABTU

Day 8 tapering off prednisolonone : 5 mg (1 pill)

Slightly after midnight Durrah woke up menggeletar, but high fever. We didn't want to take chances, so brought her to UMMC.

Well... viral fever. NOT the dreaded H1N1, Alhamdulillah.

BP48 - 9 JULAI 2009 : KHAMIS

Day 7 tapering off prednisolonone : 10 mg (2 pills)

Would push myself further today... lecture in the morning & a quick lab late afternoon.

BP49 - 10 JULAI 2009 : JUMAAT

Day 7 tapering off prednisolonone : 10 mg (2 pills)

Went to TS Hospital for acupuncture session. CT Aishah went along to see what could be done to her situation.

We went to F&B cafe at PD after that! Wonderful cheesecake... :)

BP47 - 8 JULAI 2009 : RABU

Day 6 tapering off prednisolonone : 15 mg (3 pills)

Another 1st that I had to face: Neuro lecture

BP46 - 7 JULAI 2009 : SELASA

Day 5 tapering off prednisolonone : 15 mg (3 pills)

Went straight from home for my 1st Histo lecture @ DK Ixora.
Couldn't help being anxious... Could I physically deliver a 50 minutes lecture? Would it be too much for my body? I knew my speech could already be understood, but I wasn't sure whether having to talk non-stop for long would cause herotness of my face becoming worse? Too gruesome?

Again those many pairs of eyes were on me. There were about 80 students.
My 1st slide was actually on my situation.
As usual I prefer to deal with something head on...


BP45 - 6 JULAI 2009 : ISNIN

Day 4 tapering off prednisolonone : 20 mg (4 pills)

After sending Durrah to her sekolah ugama, I went straight to work. Suami was already waiting for me at the parking lot up front of the department to send me to UMMC for my faicial electrotherapy & also an appointment with the E&T group.

By abot 9.30am I was done with the electrotherapy. Met CT who was waiting for her name to be called in. Told her we couldn't go to breakfast since not only I had to rush for my E&T appointment, I also had a briefing for the new students @11.30am!

Quickly registered @ E&T. While waiting, I was pondering about how I'd go about in doing the briefing. I had 2 parts of power point presentations done up; 'introduction to who's who' & 'academic matters'. I would have to do the latter & I was mulling about whether I should contact Eda & make her do the first part. Originally, I had asked Yati but with her mum doing an angioplasty procedure today... Yati's place should be with her MOTHER!

By 10.30am I decided that Edah should do it & started making phone calls-arrangements.

I finally got in to see DrL @ 11am. DrTS was on emergency leave. Commended DrL on her suggestions about 'directly putting a tape on my right eye' + me going to RUKA (it was then I got new dosage for my BP & it had been under control since then, Alhamdulillah).

Took a taxi back to where my car was parked & rushed to the lecture hall where the briefing had been scheduled.
To be honest, I was feeling feeling anxious about this whole event.
It was going to be my 1st event going in front of a lecture hall of students.
All in all there should be 35 new students + 20 of the committee members of the student's BH club. Staff members of the program (2 tutors + 4 support staff + 6 academic staff) should also be joining the event. Some already knew about my Bell's Palsy & this event would give them a chance to see for themselves how I looked like.

When I came into the hall, they were there already except for the new students who're still stuck in another briefing. I took time to address the BH club about the kind of assistance that I hope they could give, etc. From their facial expression, I seriously doubt that they really heard what I was saying at the beginning. Some looked like they were about to burst into tears...

Then the new students came & the whole event went well. It was good that Eda did the first part of the briefing. She was FABULOUS & FUNNY... the students loved her!

By late afternoon, I was feeling like I need to lie down...
However, 5 foreign students were brought to me; 3 of them for BH program (1 Indonesian, 1 Somalian & I Jordan) & the other 2 going to other programs (Bioinformatics & Microbiology).
So, I gave them 'a quick' briefing of what was given earlier by both me & Eda.



BP44 - 5 JULAI 2009 : AHAD

Day 3 tapering off prednisolonone : 20 mg (4 pills)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

BP43 - 4 JULAI 2009 : SABTU

Day 2 tapering off prednisolonone : 25 mg (5 pills)

Woke up later than usual. Apa lagi, Suami purposely woke me up late! Of course, he did it because he felt that I needed the sleep!

Suami had PIBG meeting today.
Amzar in Nilai this weekend for an activity & Aiman had Carnival Day to raise $. His class was going to sell Domino's pizza!
So, went to TS Hospital with Durrah as my companion :)
We set out a bit late from home & so by the time we got there it was already 9.30am & had to park at the visitors 2nd level parking area. But, actually, it's better than the normal place we parked. Each lot is big & there were ample spaces available. Of course we had to walk a bit, but it was OK.

We were than scanned at the entrance. Today, it was round blue labels :)

The place was rather crowded than weekdays. However, as usual, it didn't take long. Durrah said I had 25 needles altogether. One number up than the last time! However, when the good doctor poked 2 needles on my right leg, I could feel a surge like an electrical shock being passed into my nerve. Maybe it had something to do with the muscle pain I was having this morning, due to the slight fall I had yesterday on my way towards the parking lot at work.

As usual, once done I would just get out of KL quickly before the jam.
As a token of my appreciation to Durrah, treated her to big breakfast at Bangsar Village, then to MPH for her to spend her $. She bought the novel INKHEART.
I really have to be careful. She didn't do so well in her Penulisan BM in the last exam!
After breakfast I took my 5x5mg (i.e. 25mg) Prednisolone, ie this would be my 2nd day of cutting down the steroid which had been in my body FAR too long!

Bought different types of vegetables at the grocer. I now heaped my plate with vegetables :)
I had to watch the blood glucose.

When we arrived home, woke T.Mak up for a lunch of take away Nando's. The lemon & herbs flavor with it's fries, mediterranean rice, cole slaw & salad actually is rather similar to something one could buy at the foodcourt in the Hilton's Complex in front of Masjidil Haram! \
So, now you know why I loved Nando's :)

My blood pressure was on the low side (compared to the recent weeks).
So, I only took half of the Myacardis.
Deep down, I was hoping that my test-tube body was on its way of getting back to normal, InsyaAllah.

I took time after lunch to re-organize the blog.
Had it really been 43 days since the onset of Bell's Palsy?

I hope people do realize that the entries were written later than the events, themselves. I relied on sms in my phone for facts/notes. Unfortunately, those notes were gone when the phone kena air.



BP42 - 3 JULAI 2009 - JUMAAT

In my blurry state of mind (macam dalam pantang) I agreed to lunch with a few girl frineds from Chico at a Chinese Muslim restaurant in KJ... when actually:
a) it was my duty to send Durrah to school (school starts at 2 pm on Fridays) &
b) there's also one of my more important appointment with ProfKJG of UMMC at 2pm!
The last time I saw him was way back in June.
Kena buat clone!

Well, told Suami I just had to make sure that I get to UMMC before the clinic closed. Certainly wouldn't want to miss this particular appointment.

There was also the driving, because with my blurry right eye, driving in unfamiliar territory would be BAD!
Luckily, Saadah was back but she had to go ASM after lunch.
Like I told Nina "sempat tak sempat... kita sempatkan aja..."
So, the arrangement was for me to sedn Durrah very early to school... then Nina & I would get a ride from Saadah. Suami would pick us up after lunch to send us to UMMC. Nina would get her way back from there.

Kiah, Yusri & Yam had their lunch already when we got there. Umi couldn't make it due to her younger sister pulang ke rahmatullah.
Al Fatihah!
Topics of conversation was on status of health (mine, Rahman's, Yam's, Saadah's & our parents ) + health food + Michael Jackson + former Chico's Charlie's angel is now "an Amirah" (KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK) + etc.
Kiah, Yusri & Nina are healthy, Alhamdulillah!
It was such a short lunch, so maybe Kiah will organize another one maybe next month, huh?

Saadah dropped me at UMMC & after I registered myself, I went to my favourite surau in UMMC, up at the 5th floor!
My number was still not up when I got back down to the clinic at level 1.
Then, my number was flashed but I was assigned another doctor.
Noo... I wanted to see Prof KJG, so that there would be continuity. When I told that to the ladies at the registration table, I was told that I should had requested.
Then, I saw Prof KJG coming out of his no. 35 room. After I told him of my case he went lover to room no. 32 to get my file though of course he politely told me that I could also see the other doctor & that she's a very good doctor, etc.
Anyway, I just had to wait some more because there were others ahead of me to see him. I ended up getting to know the lady who was to see him before me: a Parkinson's Disease patient.

ProfKJG told me to taper off my steroid intake:
So, from 40mg (which I actually had done for a week, under suggestion of DrTS) I should be doing:
30mg (6 pills) for 2 days then
20mg (4 pills) for 2 days then
15mg (3 pills) for 2 days then
10mg (2 pills) for 2 days then
5mg (1 pill) for 2 days
before stopping for good.

Well, that morning I dah taken 5 pills (25mg) & I thought I would take the other 3 pills (15mg) after dinner.
I decided, well since this steroid was an unfriendly alien in my body... I would just go ahead & stopped my tapering off at 5 pills (25mg), ie 5 mg less than what was being suggested by ProfKJG :)

Prof KJG told me that I had another 30-40% more to fully recover.
I told him, "It doesn't really matter. I'll continue as as I have. After all I've organized 2 half-day seminar for the program post-grad students this week & last week I was attending a conference :)"

I was so delighted by the news that I could taper off the steroid... I was about to walk back to the department! Af course it was too far & luckily a taxi was willing to take me. Did some work at the office & went back late for the first time since I got the Bell's Palsy.

Unfortunately, the day had been long & for my current condition the activities were more than I could handle (?).
As I wss walking to the car which I parked up front... I took a wrong step & fell. Scratched my right knee :(




BP41 - 2 JULAI 2009 - KHAMIS

BP40 - 1 JULAI 2009 : RABU

BP39 - 30 JUN 2009 : SELASA

BP38 - 29 JUN 2009 : ISNIN

BP37 - 28 JUN 2009 : AHAD

BP36 - 27 JUN 2009 : SABTU

BP31-->35 - (22-->26 JUN 2009) : ISNIN -->JUMAAT

For the first time I skipped my facial electrotherapy Monday morning session at UMMC. Instead, I was boarding the LRT from Taman Jaya after parking BFX at the last slot in the parking area. No place to sit, but luckily I was at a corner & so I could lean a bit.
I was on my way to KLCC Convention Center to attend the 14th ICOT!

Did on the spot registration because it seemed the online registration I did on Friday did not go through. After quickly sampling the snacks available, I went straight to Plenary Hall for the keynote speaker by Gardner (to be followed by the opening Ceremony).
Surprise... surprise... guess who happened to be at the door 'receiving' me. THE CONVENOR of the conference, Net's sister, herself!
The next surprise... as I was walking up the aisle, trying to get a seat... someone called up my name. It was Hazami, a close friend. Ada gang!

So, that's what I did for the next 5 days, except for Tuesday.
I'd be in Plenary Hall for the keynote speakers at 9am & I normally stayed on till late afternoon. Lunch was provided.
It was rather tiring, especially on days that I didn't get a seat in LRT... but the fact that I got to be in attendance & listening to individuals like Buzan & de Bono was well worth it.
Net's sister & her committee member did very well! They bid to be the host all the way in 2005! I cringed at *the challenges they had to face to manage an event of this size with big local & international names.
*2 small examples that happened right in front of my eyes:
a) A participant from Indonesia complaining to the convenor the fact that the organizer failed to supply face masks to each participant (in reference to the H1N1). Convenor looked frazzled... but, I thought the guy had a point!
b) A local speaker complaining that she felt very dissappointed that at an event billed as 'a workshop', it did not take place as her expectation about what a workshop should be. Exasperated convenor said something about 'one couldn't actually dictate these big names & 'workshop' could mean differently to individuals of different background'. Good answer :)

During the closing ceremony, there was a standing ovation for her & lots of accolades. Net's sister, the convenor, was all teary eyed & surely very thankful that she's passing on the baton to the next convenor, another lady, for the 15th ICOT in 2011 to be held in Belfast.

On Tuesday, I was at the department for 2 meetings -- agihan projek penyelidikan called by Yati & a Buku Panduan meeting for coordinators. I missed the talk by TunM. He was the main speaker for Tuesday.
On that day, I forced Zulfa & Amzari to use my pass to go. It was actually a conference for their kind of work & I wanted them to have a feel of attending a big conference.

I was very grateful that I was given the rezeki to attend a talk & get to know a couple who for the past 6 years had taken care their eldest son who had brain injury. I shared my experience at the session. We also discussed about the lack of support group available & I volunteered myself to be part of the association that they are going to form. Most probably, I would invite someone from their group for my Diseases of the Nervous System. I had also urged them to write a book of whatever aspect of their experience that they wanted to share with the public.

Of course another big news is the death of Michael Jackson @ Mikaeel (There were reports that he converted to Islam in November 2008).
Al Fatihah.
However, there are also some write ups against this news.

I also 'grew up' with Michael Jackson's songs, especially when I was studying in Chico. Song like "She's Out Of My Life" will forever be stuck in my mind... Saadah you almost drove me crazy playing that song over & over again!


a href="">

BP30 - 21 JUN 2009 : AHAD

BP29 - 20 JUN 2009 : SABTU

BP28 - 19 JUN 2009 : JUMAAT

BP27 - 18 JUN 2009 : KHAMIS

BP26 - 17 JUN 2009 : RABU

BP25 - 16 JUN 2009 : SELASA

BP24 - 15 JUN 2009 : ISNIN

BP23 - 14 JUN 2009 : AHAD


BP22 - 13 JUN 2009 : SABTU

Went to TS Hospital with husband since I planned to attend ICOT next week. This was the first time that I went for an acupuncture session on a Saturday.
As we came in at teh door, body temperature was checked. A small yellow round sticker was put on each of our clothing to indicate that we passed the test :)
There were many people & both of us thought we were in for a long wait.
Yet, just as I was about to sit at the waiting area in fron of Room 120, a nurse waived to me & asked me to come in to a 3 beds room. There were already 2 elederly Chinese ladies & so I became the 3rd person!
Rezeki, Alhamdullillah :)
However, Suami was not allowed to come in.

We went out of KL straight away & headed to Bangsar Village for breakfast at one of the cafe located within the grocery store. 2 big breakfasts :)

BP21 - 12 JUN 2009 : JUMAAT

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BP20 - 11 JUN 2009 : KHAMIS

When I was checking my e mail, found one from Nuruddin about 14th ICOT to be held next week.
I sort of seen the notification about the it ages ago, but it looked like it was such a hodge-podge conference (macam bubur lambuk... the focus wasn't there, I thought). There was going to be talk from leaders, academicians, businessmen, etc.
However, now they had the details of the programme & I found a few which were directly related to Neuroscince & on memory (good for Zulfa who would be looking at hafazan & Amzari who would use some sort of memory test for the Qiamullail activity).
So, I signed up online & would just have to apply for cuti khas persidangan. Too late to get peruntukan persidangan. $850 after discount registration (It was supposed to be $1,200) :(

BP19 - 10 JUN 2009 : RABU

I asked Kak Ijah & Kak Erah to accompany me for a massage that I badly need for my shoulder-back aches at TO in Bangsar Village 2. The headquarter of this Thai spa is in Mega Mall & it is one of those establishment which is is above board, professional, clean... of course it cost a bomb (at least in my scale of spending)!
Seronok-seronok sekali-sekala ok lah :)
When T.Mak could still walk a lot more than now, we have brought her there & she enjoyed the foot & back massages. The branch in Bangsar Village 2 looked like it is easily accessible & a bit more exclusive, but I've never been there & it would be nice to beramai-ramai to check out the place.

We didn't go with Pak Mat Des as we originally planned to, because Abang Em turned up to take BFX. He wanted to borrow it to balik kampung for kenduri of his adik ipar (Zali). So, we made him drove us to Bangsar.

Instead of going straight to the place, we walked straight into HJ on the ground floor.
For whatever reason, I've always ended getting something to commemarate significant events, e.g. Adlan-Sakina's, Irfan-Idura's... cari alasan saja.

Sometime back (after the Bell's Palsy episode), I've already made up my mind to get a pair of earings. Ye lah, to raikan the facial nerve that passed by near the ear. Ha... Ha... Ha...
I've seen a pair which was on sale for 50% off in one of those flyer advertisements that was shoved in my home mailbox.
Well, just my luck... that pair was no longer available, but a pair was just brought in the day before & it was 70% off! The cost was slightly less than the one advertised & this pair have 2 dangling items each which could be slipped on &off.
OK, I could give each of the dangling items to my future 2 daughter in laws!
So, in my 'cheapskate mind" this would be a good buy -- 70% off, hadiah untuk telinga, hadiah untuk bakal menantu... wah, multifunction buy!
Then Kak Ijah pun menggalakan dengan ungkapan,"Duit kamu... "

A funny thing happened...
Since, I didn't bring that much cash on me, I used my VISA card.
When I signed the bill, I stopped after 'signing' my name as "BELL". What was I thinking? Takkan sampai tukar nama ikut penyakit? Actually, I was about to continue signing on the 'name' "PALSY" when I realized what I just wrote down.
Adoi! Ini dah naik sasau!
I looked at the salesman & sheepishly informed him, "Dik sorry... Nama saya bukan Bell, tapi awak tengok muka saya ni... penyakit ni namanya Bell's Palsy..."
I didn't know what went through his mind, but Kak Ijah & Kak Erah nak ketawa mungkin sedih pun ada rasanya.
Kak Erah kata, "Sign aja apa-apa, dia orang terima aja...". Ye lah tu!
Anyway, I cancelled off "BELL" then signed my name. Terus pakai the dangling earing!

We walked on a bit through the different floors. At Hajaba I just sat at the chair while Kak Ijah & Kak Erah were looking at the clothings & tudung... Every now & then they metioned "Una" (my 6th sibling). Yeah... ini semua barang yang look good on Una & she can afford it. Kak Erah bought a heart-shape pink pendant for Fitrah :)

By the time we reached TO, I decided that I would belanja my sisters. Kak Erah was a bit reluctant... relax lah Kak Erah. You're on a holiday!
So, Kak Erah went for the foot massage while both me & Kak Ijah went for the half body (shoulder, etc) massage.
Since most of the time I had been sleeping in not very normal position, my body was aching all over.

It had been reported that although Bell's Palsy was supposed to effect only the facial nerve, thus specifically only the facial muscle control... yet, there seemed to be some individuals who could not physically stable themselves, e.g. while standing, walking, etc.
Guess what, I'm one of them. So, my walking & standing sometimes might be a bit wobbly / not steady. That could create some back aches, also.

Once done, we went to MPH. Each of them bought books for their grand-daughter (Ayrah & Qaisarah). I got few reference books for Arafah who would be sitting for her UPSR. We're hoping she would start her generation of cousins studying in the new Sek. Men. Sains BD.

Lunch at Nando's then we went back by cab.

Good outing with my 3rd & 4th siblings !



Monday, June 29, 2009

BP18 - 9 JUN 2009 : SELASA

Kak Erah & I went out again with Pak Mat Des to Institut Tun Hussin Onn Eye Center. I told her that I wanted to change the frame of my current glasses to a lighter one. Furthermore, the left lense had came off & there was a chip on one of the corners. I wasn't just going to accompany her.

First we have her registered then we went to the optomerist. This time Dr. Azimah was there & I told her about what we wanted todo the day before. Since we already saw Dr. Linda, she didn't see a need to see us. She looked sad, though. Anyway, then she went about helping me to get the right frame. By then, I realized that I left my phone in Pak Mat's cab. Kak Erah's phone wasn't working & she had passed it to Fitrah to get it fixed! Double AIIYYAA!!!
So, called up Aiman at home asking him to tell Pak Mat Des about my phone & to get Fitrah's number to make arrangement about fetching Kak Erah. I had my TS acupuncture session to keep, in addition to having Pak Pozi-Kak Ijah-Rahil-Ayra wanting to tag along!

The test Kak Erah had to undergo didn't go well.
She had to repeat the tests so very many times... maybe she was too anxious or maybe the computer-Dr Linda should just accept the 'weird' results from Kak Erah as one of those out of the regular results.
After all Kak Erah is certainly NOT your regular kind of person!
Finally, Dr. Linda decided that Kak Erah should just quit the test & it was already 3.30pm. She had to wait some more for Dr. Linda's analysis of the results & while waiting she had a bowl of mee curry at the cafeteria.
Again, I thought, "Hey... that's a lot of carbo. I have to help her finished it!" So, when she went to the toilet, I finished whatever was in the bowl & buat-buat tak faham saja when she came back in. He... He...

Finally, Pak Mat Des arrived & we went back home for me to solat Zohor, get Naza, get TS registration card & picked up the others from VA.

Of course, Pak Mat Des knows all the short cuts & we managed to get there in time to see Dr. Wu. Phew!
Rahil was having bouts of migraine almost daily & so she wanted to try acupuncture. So, me & her we shared a room with 2 beds for the acupuncture treatment. I was behind a curtained bed since Pak Pozi was sitting in the room menemankan his one & only daughter going through the rather adventurous-scary experience. Kak Ijah was with Ayra going in & out of the room... well, mostly out!
I had about the same number of needles on my right foot, arm, face, middle of the head & one on my left forehead (I was told later by a colleague, Prof Datin LAL that energy from the OK left side was being pulled to the right!)

It helped to have people you know & close to your heart while you're being poked by those needles :)

Before we were finished, Kak Erah & Fitrah arrived. By then, however, the registration for 2-5pm had closed.
We thought it was Fitrah who wanted to try acupuncture for her shoulder pain.
As usual easily scared (with things like this lah... hal lain ya amat berani!) Kak Erah wanted to pull out -- herself and/or for her daughter, ie after Fitrah dah pecut across town at the busy time of the day!
I decided to leave early first with Rahil-Ayra & Pak Mat Des.
It had been a long day for me & with my usual sleeping of only about 2-3 hours a night, I was about to pengsan.

However, I did sempat said this to Kak Erah, "Nabi pun kata unta kena ikat dulu... kemudian kita tawakkal"

Later on that night, it seemed Kak Erah got herself registered but not for acupuncture... for traditional-herbs medicine of her diabetes. Not fair... her herbs ubat was already bottled!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

BP17 - 8 JUN 2009 : ISNIN

I went out with Suami for my weekly facial electrotherapy massage at UMMC. To the frequency of the session, the girl whom I normally deals with told me it's done once a week because of the unavailability of it. However, if I want to do more than once a week, I would have to get maybe a doctor from UMSC to give the instruction, i.e. best to see same doctor that's seeing you in UMMC. In my case Prof KJG.
I've put up the idea to him & he didn't buy it. I had blurted to him about my acupuncture dos.

Anyway, As usual, I brought some work that I can pass my time with while undergoing the session. Talked to CT Aisyah a bit... UMMC still have things to check on her neck-arm excruciating pain.

Went back straight home with a cab. Getting a cab at the front entrance of UMMC is easy in the morning-noon time. There are always people that the cabs are sending -- patients & would be patients plus of course those who came visiting. BUT, try to get them in very late afternoon... the drivers become choosy & there was in 1 occasion, the driver refused to use the meter to go to AMCORP! Flat fee of $5.

At home Kak Erah was browsing the internet & she was already ready to go with me to Institut Tun Hussien Onn at 11am naik teksi Pak Mat Des when he sent Aiman from tuition.
I just wanted to see Dr Azimah (*PP honorary optomerist) & just get her opinion on my blurry right eye & discuss about sleeping problem, etc.
Of course killing 2 birds with 1 stone... I wanted Kak Erah to have a proper eye check up, since she's a cronic diabetic person. Deep down I didn't think she would agree to any of thet, so having her to see Dr Azimah would be the least I could trick her into doing!

We stopped by at the department first to exchange documents with the NeuroRG grad students. I then made them meet Kak Erah, who was waiting for me in the taxi. I didn't expect her to come out... but she did & held center court at the parking lot. Kut politician... politician lah juga :)

Aiyaa... our luck... Dr Azimah was on leave for the day. Only 2 optomerists working & so they were not accepting any more patients!!
Managed to convince Kak Erah to join me & see Dr. Linda, an eye specialist (I've seen her before). Begrudgingly, she relented. So, I did the registration for her, etc.
Later on, I figured out it was because she felt uneasy because she didn't have enough cash on her. Passed her some $ that I wanted to give to Al-Ulum & told her that she could use it first.

We had our eyesight checked & of course I failed misreably with my watery-blurry right eye :(
By the time we were in front of Dr. Linda's clinic, it was way past noon. Her nurse called our names only to tell us to go to lunch, but to be back by 2.30pm! Ooo.. Ooo.. Kak Erah yang takut jumpa apa-apa doktor pun... ajak balik :(
Told her, pada balik... baik pi AMCORP lunch & shopping... after all we're already outside.
We walked out to the main road & got into a taxi. At about the same time, received an sms from Kak Ijah informing us she's in AMCORP with Pak Pozi for lunch.
Yeay, maybe she could help me convince HER younger sister to see Dr Linda at 2.30pm :)

We had our lunch at another Pak Pozi-Kak Ijah's favourite restaurant. Kak Erah ordered mee bandung Muar which was served in a big bowl & I thought, " Wow... so much carbo! Bad for her diabetes! I have to help her finish this one!"
Kamila called asking my whereabouts. Supposedly a group of people were with her & they thought of coming to visit me.
(People, I know & appreciate that you all are concerned about me... Rezeki dalam bentuk friendship!
BUT (a big one) I hate being "VISITED". It's as if I'm sick... I'm in a denial mode ! Meet me for breakfast, lunch, high tea... no need to visit me lah!)

We were at a shop, choosing tudungs when Dr. Linda's nurse called to remind us to come back for our appointment. Kak Ijah made arrangement to send us in TAF. Yeay, Kak Erah just had to ikut. Itu pun, on the way out sempat lagi tengok baju-baju jualan. Belilah baju kurung warna tema lilac-purplish Tini & Bibik Khasanah untuk kenduri bertunang Muaz.

We had to wait a bit before our the pupils of our eyes (anak mata) were dilated. Each of us had sticker put on our tudung & we were making jokes about the 2 of us invalids trying to find our way home after that. Both of us went in together to see Dr. Linda:

1) She told me that mine is a temporary condition due to the Bell's Palsy condition. She also prescribed me a type of gel for the eye (to which I would be grateful for) -- GenTeal Gel (a product of Novartis) -- as an additional protection for the unblinking-always opened right eye. Gave me an MC for the day.

2) As for Kak Erah, looked like she had both her optic nerves (cranial nerve II) macam bengkak-kembang sedikit & some other non-normal indicators. Dr. Linda wanted her to take more test the next day at 1pm.
Ooo... Ooo...

We rushed home then went out again to bring T.Mak to see Prof KJG at UMSC. Fitrah sent us. It didn't take long & as usual we normally enjoyed chatting with Prof KJG. T.Mak was prescribed her usual Aricept.
As we normally do, we went down to the cafetaria to have our minum petang. Hey, they sell waffles now!
Sitting at the same table from which T.Mak could look at the cars coming out of the PJ gate, she would eventually asked about the big trees up on the slope of the back of the Engineering Faculty & also 'the brightness' from the setting of the sun which could also be seen through the glass doors of the cafetaria.

I had Suami picked me up from UMSC on his way to pick up Durrah, leaving them to continue with the outing & to be picked up later by Pak Pozi.
I was close to my limit of what I could physically handle.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

BP16 - 7 JUN 2009 : AHAD

2 weeks of the Bell's Palsy episode... I am past the 'rush hour' period, now time to reflect & plan for the next course of actions.
So, I went for my walk at the reflexology path at the nearby park.

I must remember to tell Durrah that 2 swings of her favourite spot in the park were vandalized!My Sunday usual routine... Today, Durrah in Bukit Maxwell celebrating Datin Osh's b'day! Osh shared same b'day as aruah Azran (Suami's younger brother).

Being in the park is also the time I normally used to look through my sms & do tidying up.
The words of encouragement I received not just through the sms / e mails, etc etc etc just amazed me. People have been very kind.
Syukur, ini juga rezeki :)

So, things I would be doing:

1) Monday -- Facial electrotherapy at UMMC early in the morning.

2) Monday -- To Institut Mata Tun Hussin Onn after that. Blurriness of the right eye bothering me a lot & worrying me!

3) Tuesday -- TS Hospital (3rd acupuncture session)

4) Wednesday -- Massage at TO in Bangsar Village II & maybe buy ear rings (?) to commemarate the inflammed facial nerve passing close by the right ear. Ha... Ha... Cari excuse saja nak shopping :)

5) Thursday -- Meeting of coordinators in the department

6) Friday -- TS Hospital (4th acupuncture session)

Intake wise -- prednisolone & medications to counter its effects; some nutrients to help the nerve (honey, CENTRUM multivitamin, Zinc, POE / Primrose evening oil suggested by June, methycobal.

Amzar eagerly drove Suami-Aiman to Pasar Tani of Bukit Angkasa for their usual grilled lamb chops! Ate breakfast bought by them & then just laze around reading Sunday papers before preparing to send Amzar to Nilai.

On the way back from Nilai, I was discussing with Aiman about his current ambition / future plans.
It was very obvious that he wanted to go to ASiS but I hope not to follow it up with law (as big brother, Amzar)!
Aiman said that he didn't want to just be engineer who build roads, etc or architect who build buildings but... would like to do something '*useful' to the society, something along doing medicine, etc. Adoii... can just imagine him 'tersilap bedah, etc'.
(*Roads & buildings are useful lah Aiman!)

I mean, this second son of mine (whose laughter has this power to induce smile from those just hearing him laughes) had among others:

- Hurt his head on edge of a PD hotel swimming pool by somersaulting backwards!
This happened within 10 minutes after I strongly warned him NOT to jump/run into the pool because it was dangerous. He innocently told me that he had followed my instructions, i.e. he DID not jump/run into the pool! Yeah, he somersaulted backwards!

- Had 20+ stitches in & around his mouth-lips when his father yanked his head out from being stuck in the space in between the escalator & the wall as you go up the escalator near KFC of Mega Mall. Figure that out.
He was just testing the size of the space!

- Had his knee stitched up because he walked into the drain at school while looking at a cat which was being 'tortured' by some bigger boys

So, I'm always grateful, amat bersyukur to ALLAH swt when he reached his annual b'day!

Back to his ambition, suggested to him maybe he could do Biomedical Engineering? That would be marrying Biology-Medicine-Engineering/Mathematics. Gave him my condition as an example:

- Modern medicine couldn't really do anything, anymore. More of a waiting game & hoping-praying the nerve will have a speedy & complete recovery, InsyaAllah.

- It would be nice if for example a chip could be implanted near the edge of the non-functioning side of the lips & it could be activated when Bell's Palsy victim like me want to pronounce problematic words (e.g. the ones with "BBB", "MMM", "PPP").
It would be a BIG help during the recovery period :)

Currently, I have to:

a) alternatively choose another word with similar meaning or

b) use my finger to pull slightly the right edge of my lips.
(*This had the effect of some of my graduate students, without them realizing, having their own fingers placed on their cheeks while talking to me! Maybe, unconsciously they feel that they're helping me with my speech!)

This way I could speak as fast as I normally would & it would be less difficult for the person I'm conversing with to understand me.


Doa saya selama ini adalah supaya SEMUA yang membantu & cuba membantu (+ berniat untuk membantu pun) saya dalam apa-apa hal kebajikan (apa bentuk sekali pun) diberi ganjaran sebaiknya oleh ALLAH swt.
Terlebih lagilah doa yang sama ini saya panjatkan kepadaNYA semasa saya mengalami episod Bell's Palsy!

Terima kasih semua :)



BP15 - 6 JUN 2009 : SABTU

After Kak Erah & her infamous blogger friend left the house for the gathering in Shah Alam (sent by Fitrah), we left for a Jala Emas breakfast at States.
Amzar, eager to drive!
THEN, I saw the damage done by my 117 gate to the BFX (driver's door)!
Well... certainly not going to fix it. Let it be a reminder to the new driver.

I thought I want to give good food to my body. So, instead the usual nasi lemak, etc... bought set roti bakar & telor ayam kampung separuh masak + madu.
Berkesan ke makan yang sihat-sihat ni sekali-sekala? Ni ala-ala mencurah air ke daun keladi?

Had a restful day, just dozing off here-there & everywhere.

For dinner, we went out to try another of Pak Pozi's favourite restaurant -- Ali Cafe (?) with the aluminium gate.
We were there rather early, so easy parking & all.

By now, I've a regiment of a sort to do "facial muscle exercise" by berzikir-bertasbih after every solat & of course the usual reading of al-Quran.

The bbb---mmm---ppp---etc, etc, etc are all there :)



Friday, June 19, 2009

BP14 - 5 JUN 2009 : JUMAAT

2 appointments at UMMC: morning at ORL & afternoon with Prof KJG.

With the different appointments on my UMMC card & my rather 'blurry' state of mind, I didn't realize when, who, why the abbreviation ORL was written on my appointment card!
In other words, I didn't actually know where I was supposed to go.

Let me see... which of my friends would be a good source of reference.
After considering related factors, I narrowed the choice to 2: either Jie or Yati; both regularly visit UMMC.
However, Yati would probably forward my enquiry to her doctor brother...
So, sms-ed Jie. But, she didn't know also!

Asked Suami to drop me in front of the building for the electrotherapy session & I told him, "I'm sure someone knows".

Went to the registration counter of the facial electrotherapy & showed them the appointment card with the abbreviation ORL written on it.
They didn't know.

Went to neuromedical. Asked the ladies at the registration + nurse counters. They were not sure, also.
Then, one of the more senior nurses, asked the girl at the registration counter to call someone / a unit (?).
Macam tu lah... kut kita sendiri tak boleh tolong, mesti ada orang yang boleh kita tanya untuk bantu orang yang minta pertolongan.
I was then told that it would be at E&T. OK, the place near DF :)

This time I met a young lady doctor. With her were 2 students & I thought a foreign male doctor.
The focus of our discussion was about the eye, my high BP (170/100), my high pulse (~100). The outcomes:

1) She suggested that instead of covering my right eye with a pad, just stick the tape straight to the eye lids! Less hassles, less anxiety evoked & impossible to take out the tapes during sleep!
(It turned out that this was a very good suggestion! The only thing was that it hurt a bit when I or when Aiman and/or Durrah helped took off the tape in the morning. A few of my eye lashes yang memang bukan tebal would come off. Kak Ijah told me that if most of my eye lashes came off, then I would have the opportunity to see hantu. Joke is related to some Malay beliefs!

2) She wrote a referal for me to go to RUKA & maybe I could be looked at right away to deal with the high BP.

3) A referral for me to see a doctor about my blurry vision! Back at the E&T registration counter, I was given 16 July for the eye. Lamanya lagi... kena pi sendiri Institut Mata Tun Husin Onn nampaknya.

I went straight to the front counter with the different referral notes.
Alhamdulillah, my luck... although, it was already rather late.. somebody would be able to see me.

As I walked past the people who're waiting in front of the different clinics, met a lecturer from PASUM that I knew from audit training & session. ProfA also called & so chatted with him for a while about my situation.

The young male doctor I met (a Dr H) told me to stop the current BP medication & take the new BP medication - Micardis / telmisartan 40mg daily. That would be 5 times the normal dose of BP medication I was taking!

Other than that he was advising me to take it easy & also alluded to my age :)
I agreed with him that I should remember about my body not being so young anymore... BUT, I also told him another perspective about MOK CIK-MOK CIK working ladies who are at the age of 40+ years yet showed dedication at the work place...
The young always felt that we MOK CIK-MOK CIK should take it easy.
At this age I told him, most ladies could ACTUALLY concentrate / be focused on their work.
Earlier on at our younger age, our maternal instincts would pull us back more towards the needs of bringing up of our young children.

Before I left, I was asked to participate in a survey on Chronic Pain.
As usual, sebuk-sebuk bagi idea how to improve the soal-selidik!
Ha... Ha... macam tak cukup soal-selidik Amzari & Zulfa yang mesti dibetulkan!

Finished just in time to catch a ride home with Suami.

After solat Jumaat, Suami drove me back to UMMC with Amzar & Aiman tagging along. Amzar had to do zeroxing of class materials since he was picked as his class monitor.
When we're about to arrive in UMMC, Amzar realized that he didn't have the set in his bag & so they would have to turn back. Hmmm...

I dozed off while sitting down waiting for my turn.
I was so very tired!
The sleeping of only 2-3 hours a day, the prednisolone causing havocs to my body system & me trying to keep life as normal as possible...
Maybe I did the later TOO WELL, because I was getting sms & calls from Suami & my first child about the missing set to be zeroxed.
I couldn't believe these 2 guys!

By the time I went in to see Prof KJG I was frazzled!
He asked me to make a few facial expressions & of course I couldn't.
He set the next appointment to be on 3 July because he said the nerve conductance test on Thursday last week showed a conductance block & now a week later, no significance change could be detected.
Does it mean that it would be around 3 July before any possibility of recovery?
Adoi.... lamanya lagi... a month, 30 days!

High probability, I would have to wait for regeneration? Re-innervation? Re-myelination? Or just that the axonal nerves are in shock?

As for the nutrients for nerve tissue, no real established report.
"If not, we could just give it to everyone who needs it. You know better all this..."
Yeah, factually I couldn't say that he's wrong.
Classic training of conventional text book medicine.

Then to wrap up he asked about T.Mak & I told him that we're bringing her in to see him in UMSC early next week, ie she's already in PJ.
He asked me more about T.Mak & us, her 9 children & 30+ cucu & 3 cicit (Ayra, Adli Isa & Qaisara).
I think he knew such a conversation would reduce the heaviness of the facts that he had told me about my Bell's Palsy situation.

So, sms to both Suami & first child that I was done. Told them that I would take a taxi if it was a big deal for them to pick me up (as in if they were too busy still arguing about the missing set to be zeroxed -- a bigger issue than me. Ni kira masuk bab merajuk lah...).

Quickly, they scrambled with sms & calls for me to wait at UMMC entrance. They would pick me up & we would go for minum petang in KL.

In the car, I told them the whole situation was ridiculous.
My life had changed & they were 'arguing' about some missing documents that could be gotten back from the lecturer.

Amzar talked about him not wanting to look like he couldn't deliver in his first task as a monitor. HAAAH !!!

He also repeated what he had mentioned earlier at home, something along the line of, "Mama, InsyaAllah Mama akan baik. Tapi mungkin ambil masa sikit. Mama relaks lah, kalau tidak lagilah Mama stress. Hawkings pun boleh kasi lecture in his condition!"
In my heart, "Hawkings? Did he say Hawkings? I don't care about Hawkings?"
I thought Amzar was really out of touch about my Bell's Palsy episode.
Couldn't exactly blame him because he was not at home... he never read my blog... he was all caught up in his new life.
Also, I guess, in a way he had too much confidence in me of being able to correct what goes wrong, to bounce back, to point out the silver lining of every cloud, to be his supermum (?).

Then... he played the song "Yesterday" on his phone & I was really upset.

I usually spoke very little when I got to this level of being very upset.
So, I just said, "Mama tak mahu cakap apa-apa dah. Please make sure you read my blog tonight. I just want to sleep."

By the time we got to the place to use the $80 vouchers won by Aiman-Suami team in answering a quiz on Radio 24 Bernama, I told myself, "OK lah... Sudahlah... Go with the flow..."

So, we had our minum petang in Laman Sembang. We got to meet To'Ki the infamous Pengguna Islam spokesman who regularly appeared on Radio 24 or Channel 502 Bernama.
Bought some food to send to rumah Abang Em later in the night.
But, I told them I wouldn't be going.
I couldn't bring myself to face my mother today... too much for me to handle.

When we reached home & after the necessities, I took my nap in my normal half-lying & half-sitting position.

Suami & the boys went to Abang Em's house with Amzar driving my BFX. The driving school representative sent his driving license earlier in the day.

It was already night time, they woke me up excitedly to inform me that Amzar hit my 117 gate when he tried to park!
"You all think I worry about my gate ke?"

Anyway, I played along... told him to keep some of his $ to pay me.
Even sms his final year law cousin, Fitrah, that I was appointing her to sue Amzar for damage to my gate, cc-ed the sms to Amzar! Huh!!!

Anyway... by the time I came down for dinner, I knew Amzar had read my blog.
He treated me differently... & maybe there was a tinge of sadness on his face.

But then, when I started sitting in front of my laptop, he told me that HE would only allow me to use it up to 12.30, i.e. after the usual TV3 Nightline news.

So, there I was blogging, checking the latest on Manohara's case lah...
12.30 came & gone.
I was thinking, "What was it that he wanted to do? Dah tertidurlah tu... Ha... Ha... Ha..."
Kak Erah pun for the past few nights would also start with lying down on the sofa at the living room & sleepily would say, "Bila kamu nak tidur?"

Suddenly, at 1.30am Amzar came down & said, "OK, Mama... that's it. I'm switching off everything... the plug, the light... semua, everything!"
Kak Erah yang tertidur on the sofa pun terjaga, "Amzar, biarlah Mama saved her work first... kesian kat Mama di dah penat-penat buat!"
He just went, "I'm turning off everything..."

So, I went up & got myself ready to sleep. Most of the time I was muttering a couple of times to myself, "I don't believe this boy!"
Suami terjaga & he looked at the clock.
I told him, "Your son turned off everything on me!"

After putting in the artificial tear into the right eye & for the first time I put the tape directly on my right eye lids.
The right technique is to put the tape from the lower lid & pull it up!
In closing the eye, the bottom lid must also be slightly 'pushed up'.
(*Don't have to figure it out, it's done automatically in normal situation. Masya'Allah!)

Anyway, this was the earliest so far that I went to bed. 2.30 am.

Most of the time, InsyaAllah, with the right foundation / basis young people would act accordingly if they were made to understand the issues at hand.




Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BP13 - 4 JUN 2009 : KHAMIS

Suami drove Amzar to Nilai to catch his first day of class. The ladies (Kak Erah & her infamous M-blogger) went off the house to their gathering earlier than me & Aiman because they were going all the way to Shah Alam.

After sending Aiman I went to Abang Em's house, but surprise... surprise Kak Hana was home. It seemed Nizam, Abang Halim & Kak Zainab wanted to visit T.Mak. So, she didn't think it would be fair for me in my current condition be playing host. I had to say that I agreed.

So... here I was at another difficult part that I had to go through. Facing my mother for the first time with my situation.
She was at the table having breakfast.
She looked at me & she could not hide her maternal instinct of feeling so bad-sad for what had happened to me, her daughter.
T.Mak always have things together in front of us when it comes to buffering whatever bad things that besieged us, her 9 children!
Being a mother myself, I understand how we mothers have to put up with these sorts of fronts.
However, in her condition of being a stroke patient (since late 2007), she could not play her part well.
She was so sad & I could see tears in her eyes.
And I was so sad that my condition was causing her this raw pain that was written all over her face.
To be honest, for the first time ever since 23 May... I felt like crying.
She asked simply, "Apa mulanya? Demam?" & she mentioned something about it being termed as balawa'(berlawa?) in Banjar.
Mentioned about mesti urut.
I hugged & kissed her... then, told her that I was ok.

I tried to change the subject & I suceeded a bit, i.e. she forgot about it for a while.
Then, she noticed the face again & she was hurt all over again.
The stroke had caused T.Mak not to be able to make generally any new memories, at all.
She had one of those rare cases that her stroke specifically hit the area to convert new info as memory!
It means that she could 'learn' new information but it didn't get stored.
So, it also means that every experience is a new thing to her, i.e. she didn't get desensitize by previous info on a situation.
Thus, if it is a hurtful experience -- it would be 'first cut' for her each time!

Luckily, *Kak Ha & Abang Zul also came to take away some of T.Mak's attention to other matters.
(*Kak Ha passed shbt Azizan's salam & doa to me. TQ, InsyaAllah doa dimakbulkan)

Back to T.Mak & her reaction to my Bell's Palsy... it seemed she did discussed more about it with Kak Ha, because before Kak Ha left she told me that T.Mak said, I should go for urut.
When Kak Ha & Abang Zul left, T.Mak was looking at me with that sad look again.
Oh God... this is difficult.
When she went into the room to take a nap, I took a nap on the sofa at the living room.

I was at the place till Nizam & parents came. By then, T.Mak's attention was fully focused on making sure the visitors were well taken care of.
Since they had the experience with Mak Aji (eldest sister of T.Mak. My mother is the youngest amongst her siblings), they understood her insistence that they had not tambah their makanan, etc.
Situations that had happened but T.Mak had no re-collections of the matter.
The late Mak Aji was diagnosed as having Alzheimer's Disease (another neuro disease!). Although T.Mak does not have Alzheimer's Disease, some of the symptoms due to her *stroke are rather similar.
(*To divert a bit... teaching the course Diseases of the Nervous System last semester was emotionally difficult for me. T.Mak was with me until the last day of the semester. There were times I felt like crying & I had to keep my emotion checked when the matter being discussed / lectured was very much about what my mother was going through. In fact, I thought if only the students could meet T.Mak, then they would appreciate the subject better, etc.)

By the time the visitors left, Suami had called to inform that we couldn't go to TS Hospital on Saturday because it would be closed due to Agong's birthday. I have an appointment at UMMC on Friday afternoon, thus, I would have to go for my second session today & have it delayed till next week.

Aiman was already sent by Pak Mat Des & had his lunch. So, we drove home & waited for Amzar to turn up before asking Pak Mat Des to send us to TS Hospital.

At this visit, I was not asked to go to the consultation room anymore, but straight to the treatment room.
The doctor saw me there: took my pulse & asked me to stick out my tounge.
I really should ask him why I had to do the latter.
Again... the needles on the right foot, right arm & right face!
So, this time Amzar helped Aiman counted the needles... still 21 but now there was 1 needle put on my left forehead.
During the first session the needles were only on my right face.
I felt as if the focus this time, based on the tingling feel, was on the area near the cheek?
Oh yes, for the follow up session the charge was $22 :)

Once done, Pak Mat Des drove us straight back. We did stop at Yasin Restaurant, all around... mee mamak & ice lemon tea.

We took home some mee mamak to lapik perut Suami before we go for Maghrib at the nearby mosque. We joined other individuals who also had requests / hajat with the Majlis Baca Yasin Khamis malam Jumaat.
Only then I thought of sending sms to the 2 boys in NeuroRG & shbt Halim. Agak lambat.

Before going I also insisted that T.Ayah's name was not to be mentioned; suffice that I would be isteri to Suami.
However, Suami had already given my full name to the Imam a few days ago.
When we arrived at the mosque, I happened to met shbt Pak Kob (mantan top management team). So, showed him the face.

Later, I didn't join the dinner downstairs at the hall, itself, but stayed on at the prayer area.
I wasn't sure that I would be up to making conversations. As one of the hosts, the kenduri food was packed for us to take home.
It seemed Abang Em managed to be at the mosque for Isya'.
Suami told me later, when he changed the details on me, the Ustaz who lead the prayer introduced himself as someone who had studied in Al-Ulum & of course knew T.Ayah.
Deep down I was glad.

Muga diperkenankan doa-doa hamba Mu, Ya ALLAH.

I ate the packed food with Kak Erah & her infamous blogger friend. Discussed a bit on results for the day & the calons for the bigger posts of their gathering.
We also decided also that the next time I met T.Mak, I would just say that my face was stung by the bee :)




BP12 - 3 JUN 2009 : RABU

In the morning, I took a ride with Suami to the department. Alhamdulillah, my work place is really on his rumah-kerja way. A few things I need to settle with the group.

Siti Salwa wanted to give me air zam-zam brought back home by one of her Arab student from umrah.
However, this had to wait since I didn't really want to menyusahkan Ida to drive me to Siti Salwa's place. Anyway, I still have the bottle of air zam-zam that Ida had given me late last Friday.
Actually, Ida had made arrangement to pick me up after 10.30am so that I could accompany her booked beadings for baju kenduri. Mana lagi... AMCORP!
More shopping, including 2 cotton blouses for Kak Ijah & Kak Erah (buy 1 free 1 & the ones left were their sizes) who would be coming with T.Mak from kampung, also a tout bag similar to my wallet. Bought some extra fun food in preparation of *T.Mak going to be in Abang Em's place.
(*wherever she would be, the place would be visited by warga PP in the Klang Valley!)

Ida & I had sandwich at Subway. This was after she reluctantly told me that's where she wanted to go. She was scared that I would find it difficult to eat the sandwich! Well, betul maybe susah... but perlahan-lahanlah makan! We talked over 'current issues' at work & at home, then she sent me home.

My body really seriously felt bad.
My Microlife BP automatic machine was really recording high readings: BP about 170/100 & pulse around 100.
I kept feeling like I was a horse about ready to race!
I seriously didn't know why I didn't imagine myself as a sportsperson on the race track ready to run in a stadium!

Then there's this fact that I was not supposed to lie down on the affected right side of my face.
BUT, I could feel my heart pumping, especially when lying down on the left side!
I imagined my heavy body stressing on this *pulsating heart!
(Reminded myself of fixation by perfusion through the heart that I did in my lab work!)

So, during the day it was sleeping in a semi-sitting position with a piece of paper folded in such a way heavy enough to anchor down my right eye lid & kept it that way by sliding it down underneath the right side of my lense.

I kept thinking, it must be the prednisone & the different anxiety within me.
No wonder steroid is considered dangerous.
BUT, maybe the machine is wrong... the calibration is off.

Deep down I was getting more scared to sleep.
The chance of getting stroke is soemething else!
I was popping the Atacand / Candesartan cilexetil 16 mg before I slept at 4am & during the day, too or anytime I saw the scary readings!
I used to take only half of that pill daily!
There were only 3 left now. I need to see Dr Selva.

I woke up at 5pm awakened by a phone call from Amzar informing that he was coming back using the komuter from Nilai because classes had not started, yet.

Saw missed calls from Kak Erah & a message that Pak Ripin's car rosak now & parked near Stadium Shah Alam with T.Mak in it! Kak Erah was already at a meeting. Aiyyooo!

Dispatched Fitrah with Aiman to the rescue & to pick T.Mak back to Abang Em's house.

After Maghrib, Suami drove us to the clinics. The lady locum doctor was there & Amzar accompanied me.
She gave me 2 days worth of mcs & advised me to go back to UMMC about my BP, etc.
We had dinner at Mahbob :)
Amzar realized that he had made decision of coming back based on wrong information. First class was to start at 9am the next morning. Some of his friends had even gone back to Pahang & Kelantan.
Live & learn... "info accepted to be right" must also mean that correct designated person releasing the info!

We went to Abang Em's house after that but T.Mak was soundly asleep. Didn't have the heart to wake her up. Promised them that I could stay with her after I sent Aiman to tuition at 8 am tomorrow morning.
Adults plan to go to opening of the big gathering :)

When we reached home Kak Erah & her friend were ready to call it a day! Of course had to show my herot face first to Kak Erah.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BP11 - 2 JUN 2009 : SELASA

Yes... I woke up this morning feeling rather excited... the day I was really going to try *acupuncture!
Suami already called TS Hospital yesterday & we were advised to come between 2-5 pm, i.e. less crowded.

(For the field of Neuroscience, acupuncture is something that one looks at sceptically. Of course there have been many reports / documentaries of its success, even as a replacement to anesthetic agent for an operation... I've shown this documentary to my Neurobiology class. BUT how does it work?)

Before we went, packed Durrah's stuff because her Ipoh Mali cousins (Umar, Syifa' & Widad) invited her to go back with them & spend part of the school holidays in Ipoh (Syifa's b'day & a bowling event) & a trip to Maxwell Hill (Datin Osh's bday!). Aiman couldn't follow because he has his tuition classes. He seemed so determine to go to ASiS for his Form 4... following the footsteps of his big brother!

When we left for TS Hospital, those leaving for Ipoh were still at home. First we went to the department, so that I could do the normal exchange of documents with my NeuroRG post-grad students... downstairs near the surau.

Then off to TS with a printed out map from its website & we managed to find it without much difficulties. It was at the junction after the end of the row of shops opposite the infamous Pudu Raya.

Coming in through the entrance gate, there were 2 junctions: Left to Western Medicine & Right to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

As we came in through the TCM front door, a guard on duty already pressed the button to give me a number to register.

To be honest, I had withdraw quite a sum of $, in preparation in case it wasn't going to accept credit card & that it was going to cost us a bomb!
So, we were very surprised that we only needed to pay $25:
a) Registration fee was $3
b) Acupuncture session (using disposable needles) with a specialist from Beijing University (an Associate Prof. Dr. WZT) was $22.
I was actually given the option to see a Malaysian doctor who would also be an acupunturist specialist for (only) $18. Adoi, "non-branded"?
Well, we came all the way... so, as much as my "Malaysia Boleh" in me... the option taken would be rather obvious!

We were then asked to go upstairs (room 120) to see the doctor.

As we walked up the stair case we saw some posters on acupuncture on the rather bare walls. Nothing fancy in sight & all I could think of "everything is just based on functionalities". The only frivolous things I saw were ornamental bamboo trees in big plastic brown pots!

While taking in the hints from the work environment of the place, we kept walking to a row of chairs close to room 120.

An Indonesian young lady who was walking slightly ahead of me with a limp, sort of slowed down & then just fell flat on her back in front of my path.

A group of nurses rushed to the scene, each bombarding me repeatedly with questions: "Is this your daughter? What happened to her? Is she your amah? Did she eat today?"
Aiyyahh! Am I supposed to be in charge of this girl (also)?

Suami & Aiman were also shocked & they had this "what's going on look" on their faces!
I thought Aiman had even asked me whether I pushed the girl?
"Hey... Mama tahulah Mama ada Bell's Palsy, but I don't go round knocking people down! Biar betul..."

Luckily, the commotion caused the boss of this young lady to come out from a nearby room & she mentioned something like the girl had complained about pain in her leg for the past 2 weeks, etc etc etc. I also heard the girl said that she had not taken anything today (it was already way past 3 pm!!)

I didn't get to hear much anymore because my name was called & I went into the consultation room with Suami & Aiman, with thoughts like, "Did the Indonesian maid want me to save her from a situation?"

Sitting beside the doctor's table, a nurse came to help with the translations of getting the background session (Onset? Had I seek western medicine? Western medicine being taken?).

One thing for certain, I could tell that the doctor wasn't too happy with the fact that it had been TEN (10) days before I came to have my 1st acupuncture session.

After he wrote it all down in my file (but I couldn't deciphere his writings), he asked me to put my left palm on *a white square pillow.
He analysed my pulse & my face, asked me to stick out my tounge.
He told me something like, "You... No computer, no TV... Sleep! Sleep!" The nurses happily added, "No shopping!"
The doctor looked a bit embarassed that his nurse dared suggested an absurd thing.
But I thought... "Hmmm, this nurse must have met many ladies with Bell's Palsy :)"

Then, we were asked to go to the single bed treatment room next door.

The nurse made me lie down in the direction so that my right face would be close to the side of the bed. An infra red lamp (?) was turned on with its light to my feet.

I was asked to take off my glasses, my tudung & also the anak tudung then to roll up the right side of my pants up to just below the knee.

The doctor pushed the first needle onto my right foot just below the knee while I was answering his question about something. That was a trick, huh..!

Ouch! Not too painful but rather I was just too surprised by the whole thing.
I mean why poke needle to my feet... it's the face with the problem!
The doctor said something about the feet-the face being connected.
Suami told me to just let the doctor do his job!

Then, the doctor just went on quickly, pricking in the needles... more on the foot, then a few on my right arm, a few on the midline of my head & finally many on the right side of the face. Even surrounding the eyes. Scariest to me at the moment!

At some points the needles were connected to some electrical gadget, I think.

He then asked me to close my eyes... by that time more nurses were in the room & excitedly told me to close my eyes!

I thought "CRAZY! I have not done that since 10 days ago!"
Suami & Aiman also joined the chorus of urging me to close my eyes.

I did it. I closed my eyes & I thought the nurses clapped their hands & excitedly said, "See... she closed her eyes!"
They were all excited, like as if I'm a baby who just took my first step.

The nurses & the doctor then left the room leaving the 3 of us behind.

Left to ourselves, Suami & Aiman excitedly counted the needles on me. 21 of them! Of course taking pictures & asking me whether I was in pain, etc... etc...
Nope, I wasn't in pain, but I could feel the twitching of some of the muscles.

I felt so very sleepy & I thought I went to the zzzzz land a couple of times while trying to stop myself from the urge to snore :)

After about 20 minutes the nurse & the doctor came in again.

They started taking out the needles & ensured none was left still sticking to my body.

The nurse told me that the doctor would like me to buy a packet of herbs, but I didn't have to do it if I didn't want to.
It was going to cost $46 & I could get it at the dispensary counter (hmm.. interesting, the term pharmacy was not used).
I asked the doctor, "Any animal... animal parts in the packet?"
He was shaking his head, "No... All plants... Herbs... HALAL! Malaysia Boleh!"
He told me to come again... twice a week would be good.

As we went downstairs to the dispensary, I tried closing my right eye... Nope, still couldn't do it :(
Near the dispensary there was a white board & on it were flyers about TS going for ISO.
Interesting... I know a certain someone who believes strongly in ISO has a clinic in TS Western Medical side :)
Anyway, after getting the packets of herbs, I was given a short briefing on how to double boil the herbs.
Part of the instruction was something about adding a bowl of water.
So, I asked the lady who dispensed the herbs, "What size is the bowl?"
She replied, "Oh... you know the normal size of the bowl you eat rice in."
My first instinct was to say, "Lady... I don't eat rice in a bowl."
Then, I wanted to say, "You mean the bowl we used when it's time to eat the fried rice during a dinner event that serves Chinese dinner?"
Finally, I thought to myself, "She's talking about the bowls used in Chinese dramas lah..."
By then logics came over me, "Girl... Lebih kurang sajalah... ini bukan nak buat solutions in the lab!"

Once done, we just wanted to get out of KL before the jam started.
In the car of course the conversation was about the cost, the no nonsense outlook of the hospital & the wonders of acupuncture.

I was just too tired... I told Aiman, "Nabi kata tuntutlah ilmu hingga ke negeri China... mungkin ini salah-satu ilmunya"

When we reached our housing area, we went straight to Restoran Yasin, a new restaurant in our place, for roti telor garing & mee mamak to calm the nerves + carrot susu to quench the thirst!

On reaching home I went straight to bed & slept in a semi-sitting position as I had been used to doing when I slept during the day!

That night I had to write down in point forms the translation of the instructions about the boiling of the herbs to Tini.
Once the boiling was done & it was cool... I took a sip.
Urghhh... I'm supposed to drink this yucky pahit drink daily & at a rate of a packet a day?
Into the fridge, first, while I think some more about this directive!